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Not many people have done this mod. I am looking for an alternative to the SS fairings for racing as the 1098 and 999 fairings are a dime a dozen. As for a mass produced kits to do this, I doubt it, if they did kits like that, everyone would have them and no-one does :) I know there are MotoGP kits for the 999 that are bolt on kits... not that this helps you though.

I dont think you will be able to keep your side panels though, as the nose cone from both bikes are very different.

What might be a good option is to buy a set of fibreglass replacement panels and some tube to make the mounts for the nose cone. It's not really hard as it sounds. If i decide to go in that direction for my race bike because im sick of trying to find SS race glass, i will post up what i did to get it all working :)
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