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99 and up 750 swingarm on a 95 Cr?

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does anyone know if this would fit? or what type of mods i would need to do to get this in?

I'm trying to fit a 99 and up 750 swingarm on a 95 900ss cr.. Thanks!!!
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I'm not sure what benefit there is to doing it [other than to replace a damaged unit] but,

Yes. a '99 750SS swingarm should bolt up.

But, the '99-750ss has a steel swingarm, and I believe your '95 cr has a steel swingarm. I don't see a benefit here.

I swapped an aluminum swinger from a '95 SS/SP onto my '99 750SS. It was a simple, direct, bolt up. I just had to install the pin to hang the rear brake on.

I can't remember for sure, but I believe it shaved about three pounds.

Mark has another '95 SS/SP aluminum swinger for sale [that's where I got mine]: www.woundedduc.net
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