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99 750ss

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What can i expect to get for it if i sell it? I dont need or have to sell it, but I just dont have time for it hardly any more. I'm ok with only getting it out a couple times a season.

17,000(ish) miles
service last at 13K miles
needs new mirrors,
scuffs on right side

new rear tire and chain.

shes never let me down yet.

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Wow, thats a lot more than i figured I would even think of asking. Thanks. I'm still on the fence about it, just might have to see if anybody bites..

In ohio if that makes a difference

I typically see them going for $3500-$4000. they are not super desirable. I bought mine crashed but with low miles for $2000.

Yours looks nice, I would put it up for $4k and see what happenes.

but here's one for reference locally. It looks like an awesome deal.

Ducati 750 Supersport ~ Low Miles - $3695
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