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Last weekend I picked up a new to me 99 750ss 1/2 fairing with 12500 on the clock. The last owner had the bike for 18 months and put on 500 miles. Only 1500 miles had been put on by the previous owner in 2 1/2 years. So a lot of sitting and not too much riding. New Michelin Power tires are on the rims. Bike is completely stock except the seat which is a Sargent cover and base.

I have changed the engine oil and filter, cleaned the oil screen, replaced the cam belts and tightened to a 5mm allen wrench passing through, new spark plugs. I have checked the valve clearances and they are in operational range. I have 5.1 fluid to replace in the front, rear, and clutch lines to be done this week. I have given a really good scrubbing to the bike and started on detail work like removing all the road tar and degreasing the engine.

What other if any service work should I perform to make this bike reliable as a daily rider? I was thinking perhaps shock/ fork oil change. If so what weight range. I am 160lbs.

I have a couple of issues.

The bike does not like to start every time. I have read about coils helping. Does this really work or is there some better cure?

The trip odometer does not work correctly. Sometimes it will count from 0 to 19 miles and then halfway go to 20 before snapping back to 19. Others it will not increase at all. Is there any fix for this? I would like to keep easier track of when I will need fuel. I will not be able to ride every day so not being sure how much fuel is in the tank can be an issue at times.

I want to get a set of slip on mufflers. The dealer can no longer get Termingini from the factory. I have heard a set of Forza silencers and they sounded good. What else is available that has a similar sound. I prefer carbon fiber for the appearance. Is the factory remapped computer good or is there a better option.

I have been a big fan of Ducati for many years. Dad owned a Monster many a year ago and really enjoyed the sound and the few times I got to ride it. I have been riding 25+ years now and have had various styles of bikes. Last ride was a Buell XB9R. Also have ridden/ raced sport tourers, standards, naked bikes, dual purpose, and dirt bikes. Mechanically I race go-karts and build them and the engines for them. I have no problem disassembling the engine to cut the valve seats or replace crankcase bearings.

Thank you all for the information I have already read on these forums. It allowed me to make proper adjustments on the cam belts. The old ones I took off were definitely too loose.

A nice short first post. :)
it should start fine. maybe try a few key on/offs to cycle the fuel pump a few times to see if that helps before you hit the starter. Otherwise try to find out what's wrong with it. slow to get fuel pressure? bad idle mixture setting? corroded engine temp sensor connector? lots of things can possibly influence it.

the dp ecu works well if you can get one, or get the std one remapped to suit some pipes. forza is fbf's brand on silmotor mufflers.

get the forks resprung to suit you weight with linear springs if they don't have them std - that will make a difference. i recall those bikes seemed to have a lot of rebound damping - maybe lighter oil. ask a suspension specialist in your area.

the trip odo issue might need a specialist to cut the speedo apart and fix it internally. that's about all you can do.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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