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Congrats on your first Duc!

It sounds like you've done about all you'll need to do to the bike for some time now other than to track down the starting issue.

I had a 750 sport myself for about a year and a half before stumbling upon my 900SS that I have now.

Put about 15,000 on that 750s without a single issue and have a hair over 36k on my 900ss now.

Not a single mechanical issue thus far on either of them.

I commute as well as do track days. My husband and I try to get 2 week long trips in a year (Colorado, Tennessee, or Arkansas). So I'm not exactly easy on the bike.

It's never failed me and I'm constantly left with a smile on my face at just how light and flickable the thing is. The motor is like a tractor, it just keeps going.

And no, I've never once had to have a single valve adjusted. I purchased the MBP collets for the bike and they've been sitting in the tool box for 25,000 miles....wasted money really...lol I was going to have them put on IF the bike ever needed a valve adjustment, but it's just never happened.

One piece of advice I will offer, since valves are in spec, only bother checking them every 12k miles after the first 12k miles on the odo. I've had this suggestion from every Ducati mechanic I've ever talked with and thus far it's held true.

On these 2v air cooled motors, they've found that if the valves are in spec within the first 12k miles, they're likely to never go out of spec...but then again, most Duc owners don't put a whole lot of miles on their bikes before parting with them either. :)

Enjoy and welcome to the sickness that is a Ducati.:abduct:
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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