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For Sale is my 1997 Ducati 900SS/SP
I have owned, and meticulously cared for this bike since 2009. It is the third 900SS/SP I have owned, and one of two currently owned, and one of five Ducatis.
This bike has never been raced, tracked, or wrecked / on it's side during my ownership, or in it's life to my knowlege. Mileage is 15,5xx

Asking price is $4200.00

1997 was the last year of production of the SP version - only 80 were produced that year world-wide, making this a very rare bike.
Included with the SP version:
Carbon Fiber Front and rear fenders
Adjustable (Compression/Rebound) Front and Rear suspension
Iron Front brake rotors
Carbon Fiber clutch cover
Upgraded Front brake and Clutch Master cylinders
Oil temperature gauge
A "floating" rear brake. A bar running from the frame keeps the rear brake from rotating and prevents chatterAluminum Swingarm
Wider Rear Wheel (5.5 inches vs. the non-SP at 4.5) allowing for a 180 series rear tire to used
Aluminum (lighter) instead of steel swingarm

This is an adult owned bike that has been extremely well cared for. It has a clear CA Title - in my name - and receipts from beginning of my ownership.

This bike came from the factory with yellow body work. I don't like the Factory graphics of the '97 SS, and the body work had some bad pitting and a couple of big scratches. So I found a complete set in red from a '95 and did the swap. The red looks better, and this body work is near flawless, with very minor pin size nicks. While I owned the bike I made a few minor upgrades - those still on the bike are listed below. I did have a pair of Carbon Slip-ons, and a Ohlins rear shock (both great improvements..), but those have been removed and sold long ago.

- K&N Air Filter. Just (properly) cleaned and oiled with K&N oil.
- Brand New cam belts just installed and correctly tensioned
- Valves checked and all were in spec - no adjustment req
- Fresh oil/filter change and new spark plugs
- Clutch and front brake drained / replaced fluid and correctly bled
- Dark tinted windscreen - no scratches
- New (less than 500 mi) D.I.D 520 o-ring chain and (lighter alum) sprocket conversion. Rear is 39 tooth giving a little better acceleration.
- Airbox top has been opened to allow more airflow (see pictures). Additional stock airbox top is included.
- Carburetors recently re-built with ALL new gaskets / o-rings and Factory (Brand) Jet Kit (new needles, jets, springs) and titanium emulsion tubes. Carbs were re-jetted / tuned for current airbox / exhaust and runs superbly. Other / stock jets included with bike.
- Nichols Engine bolt Kit installed (http://nicholssportbikes.com/product...LTKIT_WOS.html). Noticable difference.
- New grips and bar end weights give better feel and reduce vibration
- Front Forks rebuilt / tuned. All seals replaced. Replacement valve installed. Shim stack / springs set for 190-210 lb rider / street setup.
- Later spec Ducati 800SS rear shock. Slightly better than original damping.. Original shock is included if you want it.
- Smaller Optima battery for reduced weight

The not-so Good
- Before my ownership, someone banged the kickstand and broke one of the bolt holes in the engine case. I would guess some rode off with the kickstand down. Does not affect the integrity of the engine at all. The repair was made with a custom aluminum plate (see fotos) and very well done. The kickstand works perfectly, and is at least as strong as stock.
- The original Carbon Fiber front fender was very faded and cloudy. It looked like crap. A stock red front fender was substituted when the red fairing set was added. The Carbon rear and clutch cover have faded a bit as well, but still look better than the original plastic.
- At some point in it's life it looks like some battery acid may have drip on the frame, as there are spots of discoloration that are impossible to clean. Pictures should show this, but it is not noticeable.
- Tires (Dunlop SportMax Qualifier) have lots of tread, but are a few years old. They work great for around town / highway riding, but if I were going to do some serious cornering or a track day - I'd consider replacing with some of the newer tires avail.
- The original Cast Iron rotors became loose and were checked to be out of safe specification. Standard steel were substituted and no performance loss has been felt
- Paint is near perfect. Freshly waxed and very shiny and smooth. However there is a few small pits and one small scuff near the headlight. Honestly, it looks like it might be from hitting a bird. No other way it could be in that spot. It shows in one of the pictures, but is hard to see.
- Rearstand shown in the pictures is not included in the sale.

I can send pics if you PM me your email the ones I have are too large.

Bike is in Orange County CA. I will be reluctant to sell to an overseas buyer, because the effort and costs make it much harder. That said - if an overseas buyer pays my asking price and is willing to do the legwork and pay all cost for the shipment - I will help provide what help I can.

PM me or reach me at [email protected]
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