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Hi All,
I need to replace my RR on a '95 916. Years ago I upgraded the stator wires to 10g so the stock connectors were long gone. I'm planning on soldering the stator wires directly to the RR wires and doing the heat shrink thing. I am replacing an Electrosport RR that runs positive and negative leads directly to the battery. This is was connected via crimped, cobbled connectors and only lasted 2 years. Hoping soldering will be better. Anyway, my immediate question is whether there is any consensus on choosing between RR brands, Electrosport, Enduralast, or OEM (ungraded supposedly from original)? My skills are pretty damn limited as far as fabricating brackets and such, so I am trying to stay literally in bolt on territory. I've read about MOSFET for Yamahas and such but assume they would take more to adapt than I am willing or able to do without raising my blood pressure to dangerous levels. I've also read a bit about putting on 3-phase Ducat RRs but have no idea whether they would mount the same way etc.
So any opinions of brands (including any I haven't mentioned) given what I am after?
Many thanks.
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