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94 900SS/SP suspension mods done.

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Well we got a dry couple of hours here so I took the SS out for a ride. I have installed the Racetech kit and custom springs from Cogent Dynamics along with a Penske shock.
What a difference! Much more compliant over sharp edged bumps, but less front end dive during braking. It doesn't wallow in the corners anymore and the turn-in is much quicker. Can't wait to get it up on some real roads in North Georgia.
Thanks again to Rick at Cogent Dynamics for helping me improve an already great bike.
Now I need to get those Marvic magnesium wheels!
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Congrats, a cool bike just got cooler. I've turned clickers like a madman on my '95 SP and come to the realization that the stock suspension, though fully adjustable, just isn't up to the task. I've also been fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to be spoiled by the Ohlins on my Multistrada and Monster S4RS, which really drove the point home on how substandard the Showa stuff is. Now if only I could hit the winning lotto numbers . . .
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