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939 or 950

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I was going to buy a 950 Standard and at the dealer, they have an 2018 standard with only 2000 miles on the clock, a Full Termi system and a Ducati aftermarket seat.
They can give me it for 20% less than the new one.

Who has ridden both of these and what would you do?

p.s. I cannot ride the 950 as they dont have a demo yet.

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Great advice guys... I'm happy that I posted a question here...
Great advice guys... I'm happy that I posted a question here...
Doubt it's personal. Not many 950 owners yet, and even less who rode the 939 and the 950.

The 950 is an evolutionary upgrade to the 939. That said, the 939 is pretty much the same bike minus the advancements in engine, and electronics.

They will feel very similar in a test ride no doubt.

Before I purchased the 950SP I also considered saving a few dollars to get the 939s still new in inventory, but in the end the new technology of the 950 sold me.

Good luck!
Same for me. The dealer had 3 939 bikes on the floor but I waited for a 950 SP to arrive. My guess is the 939 would feel very similar but the 950 has much more sophisticated electronics package and a bit more hp and less weight. I traded a Panigale V4s for the 950 SP and I really liked the electronics on the V4s. The 950 SP electronics package is not quite as sophisticated at the V4s but more or less the same format. You could probably save a bundle on a 939 though if the dealer has them since the 950 is the new bike arriving. In another post I measured the weight of my 950 SP which has the full Ti Termi exhaust and a lithium battery and it was 409.5 lbs with 60% fuel. Pretty light! So yeah, if you can swing it go for the 950, but if not the 939 is going to be pretty good.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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