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92-98 Supersport Trackday Bodywork

Tank: rust free interior, has been dented as there is evidence of some bondo in a couple of places. I started doing the bodywork on it and got it close enough for a trackday part. The threads where the wiring connects at the bottom have a little surface rust, but it cleans right up with a swipe of steel wool. No pump, cap or other hardware available. $200

Side Panels: “Sharkskinz”, have been mounted and used for a couple of trackdays, unblemished and in very good condition with the original gelcoat fully intact. These would need no more than a very light prep and paint. These do not have the turn signal cutouts. As close to new as you’ll find. $350 for both

Tailsection: “Airtech”, there are some weird internal supports glassed in to support the unit on the frame rails, they’re not pretty, but they seem to line up well and increase the strength of the unit a lot. This part is fully functional but has been scuffed and ground through in an area about the size of a half dollar coin, but it would be a very easy fix. The taillight area has been glassed over, so if someone wants to use this part on a streetbike, it would need to be cut out. Includes a home-made seatpad that is actually quite comfortable that is made from neoprene with a vinyl cover. $150

Upper: “Sharkskinz”, has been scuffed on one of the leading edges where the mirror mount is. Fully functional and only needs a cosmetic repair. Includes windscreen mounting hardware. $85

Exhaust: “Giacamoto” carbon fiber cans. These were the parts sold as “Ducati Performance” back in the day. I can’t seem to find the midpipes, but they were custom for my 50mm spaghetti header, so they wouldn’t fit a stock header anyway. To be clear, there are no midpipes. One side has been scuffed in a lowside and the other has some inexplicable scuffing on one side, but it’s not dented or scraped. $150

I also have an early Superbike fork in excellent condition for sale with 40mm caliper mounts and Cagiva elephants in the castings. This fork saves the cost of new calipers when doing a SBK fork swap. $200 and I can get some pictures of the legs posted if someone is interested.

I’m willing to make someone a package deal if you want everything. Since the parts are large, shipping will need to be on the buyer’s nickel, but I am happy to shop around for the best deal. If the buyer is in the Sacramento or greater SF Bay Area, I am willing to work out a direct handoff.


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