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That's a long list! If you could be more specific as to your needs/use of the motorcycle. Like Maybe you are looking for your first Ducati for say, track days? Or you are going to add an italian bike to your Motorcycle collection.

For starters all three bikes have different displacement engines, secondly the 916, 996, 998 describes the evolution of the modern Ducati SBK, with the 916 being

A. The most dated!
B. A desirable collectors bike
C. Could be troublesome from a reliability standpoint.
(see A.)
D. The best track bike out of the 3 (not racebike)

In 1999 the Ducati 916 evolved into the 996 following in the footsteps of its racing heritage. The new bike retained the majority of it's predecessors "style" and bodywork but recieved a detuned version of the engine the WSBK racers had been running since 1996

In the year 2002 the 996 became the 998 with radically different cylinder heads, injectors and CPU, making the new engine known as the testastretta. The pevious being the Desmoquattro.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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