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916 suspension settings

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I am getting my 98 916 ready for a track day at Mid-Ohio early next month and was wondering if anyone out there has tried Section8 suspension settings on their 748/916/996/998. In their instructions they recommend raising the forks one index mark from the stock setting and raising the rear, what appears to me to be, considerably. If you have done this how did the changes manifest themselves in handling? Did they affect high speed stability?


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HI Larry,
I set my 916 according to the Section 8 recommendations. Before doing that, it was hard to hold a line on a long sweeping turn. Since going to the new settings, I am very pleased with the handling of the bike. I have done probably 12 track days since I adjusted the suspension. I have only clicked the damping up one click in the rear since then. Also I found the choice of tire affects handling. I now use the Pirelli Supercorsa Pro's and really like them. They stick like glue and the front tire, I am told, is slightly higher in profile and allows the bike to turn in a bit easier. I think its the perfect set up. Only problem is I only get 3 track days and the rear tire is toast. I am 5 10" , 160 lb. and he bike fits me well. Raising the ride height quickened the steering a little bit, but not too much. I think the steering was to heavy and slow before I increased the ride height. Now the steering is a little quicker, but the bike is still very stable through the very fast sweepers. I think its the most stable bike I have ever ridden, and I have tried quite a few.



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suspension adjustments

Thanks for the reply, Mike. Do you know how much higher the rear is over stock? I have a ride height gauge, but don't know what setting to use with it. I will proceed to get the adjustments made. Is the Pirelli tire a racing tire with a real soft compound? What tire pressure do you run on a warm day? Where do you go for your track days? Do you mind telling me what sprockets you are running?

Thanks again,

One of these days I would like to try your settings on my bike, with your help of course!
I went up about 3/4 of an inch in the rear. I cant tell you the ride height I run now, just how much higher I went from when I got the bike. I can say that before I raised the ride height, the bike would almost fall over on the side stand. It was hardly leaning over at all, almost stood straight up. Now it leans a bit more and will easily stay up when on the side stand.

The tires are DOT race tires, meaning they have tread in the middle of the tire, but are like slicks on the sides. I run 31 psi front, and 30 psi rear. I run a soft compound on the front and a medium on the rear. These are cold tire pressures set in the morning before I run the bike.

I also went down one tooth in the front to a 14 and up 3 teeth in the rear to a 39. This gearing is great for Thunderhill where I ride most of the time. I just get into sixth gear shifting at 11,500 before down shifting again into turn 1, which is the fastest part of the track. Doing about 135 mph I think.

John, would be happy to tinker with your suspension. Let me know when you want to do it.



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I use Ducati´s own specifications for track setup and absolutly love it..

This is a Factory guide to setting up the 916-series bikes.



Hope it helps!

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fastlarry said:
If you have done this how did the changes manifest themselves in handling? Did they affect high speed stability?


If you setup you suspension for track use the bike will handle
more precise in corners..
However, highspeed handling can become more nervous
depending on how agressive the angle of the front fork is..

Make a setup from section 8 or Ducati, then test the bike and
se how you like the handling..
If you want to change anything, note it down so you know what
setup you have..
And only change one thing at a time so you know what did what..

Thats the 2c from me
I have recently set my suspension up as per Section8; raised the forks through the top clamp one ring, which effectively drops the front by 5mm and raised the rear by about 20mm and I like the results, although I did have the Forks and Shock serviced with new Oil, Seals, Gas etc and new rear tyre at the same time so a few changes together.

I find it quicker turning (but not a huge amount) and just as stable in a bend, it does seem a little more 'nervous' in a straight line at speed and more influenced by crosswinds but not enough to be a problem (although my front tyre is a little V shaped with wear) Overall, for me, it's an improvement over the original setup. I'm still running the same damping etc as before.

I would definitely reccomend it, it's quick change and quick change back if you don't like - unless your rear ride height adjuster is seized as mine was. :)
DukeDesmo said:
- unless your rear ride height adjuster is seized as mine was. :)
Most are..

The best fix is to install an aftermarket unit. The second best is to take it out and work if with anti-seize and lube it up lavishly.

Suspension settings

I will get to work and get the Section 8 settings installed. I will take enough tools to the track I can change back to my stock settings, which work pretty well. I feel the bike tremendously stable at high speeds with these stock settings. It is a bit of a chore to get it turned; you really have to shove it. And it likes to run wide out of corners. It seems likely the new geometry will improve these at the expense of some straight line stability.


95" 916 settings

I started using the Section 8 settings 3 years ago while at Grattan. Much better than other recommended settings from Ducati & various magazines.
Section 8 suspension settings

I got the Section8 suspension settings installed on my 916 and took it out for a ride on the street tonight after dinner. Ran a section of interstate and some twisty roads near my home. Must say it felt pretty good--except it makes a bad riding position worse! Lowering the front and raising the rear puts even more stress on my wrists than usual. These machines at speed are fairly comfortable, but around town, stopping and going--ugh! Enough of the complaining. I am going to Mid-Ohio in a week or so for a STT track day. Should be fun.

Thanks all,

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