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Found a set of ohlins forks from an 03 999s with triples attached for a good deal. Ive always wanted ohlins on my 916 track bike, but FG43's are way overpriced and I kinda hate the look of 05/06 999s ohlins due to the radial calipers.

I already have 65mm 4 pad calipers, so I've got that covered. From my research, I believe the 03/04 999s used the same diameter axle as the 916, so the axle and front wheel will also swap over and I already have a spacer for the missing speedo cable.

From what I can tell, the only parts I will need to buy are either a set of spacers for the rotors I currently have or a set of 748R rotors and possibly a new front fender? Am I missing anything here??
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