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900ss Update

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I seem to keep forgetting/losing my login information, so this is an overdue update of the Ducati 900ss project I picked up. It was a 2002 900ss ie, and I flip-flopped on turning it into a streetbike or a racebike. I've now settled on it being a street bike.

With some careful ebaying, as well as some horse-trading and swapping, the spec is as follows:
1. 2002 frame, bobbed at the rear, with cafe racer seat from motoforza fairings in the Czech republic. A good source for fairings!
2. 2006 alloy rear swingarm from a 1000ss ds.
3. K-bike slipper cluch
4. Low mileage engine from a Bimota DB4 -- got it from the UK. Set up for fuel injection, and aside from the alternator and starter (taken from the original, tired engine) it was complete. 10mm engine mounts that I bored out to 12.
5. Exhaust is from a Bimota BD4 -- the headers are identical in length, with the collector going into the Bimota 2-1. I got a welding guru to weld on a Cone megaphone. It sounds like a small block chevy.
6. Forks with Andreani internals, shock is an Ohlins I got from eBay Germany.
7. Found a 900ss carbie tank in good shape and swapped the FI stuff over. Easy.
8. Bar risers and renthals, Koso gauge, LED headlight. Motogadget bar end turn signals. The rear lights are a pair of LED's marked "DOT", and the licence plate tucks up underneath the tail with a proper licence plate light.
9. 999 calipers, rebuilt. EBC rotors I got new for $99 a side. Front master is a radial CB1000 from a Honda, in the correct (19mm) bore size.
10. I got rid of the airbox (yes, I know) to hide all the SS wiring, as the lack of fairing exposes the extra mile of harness. I've installed a Powercommander 3 and it needs to be dynoed and tuned -- it's running a bit lean I think.

Since I took the first picture I got the seat covered, and also installed an 848 oil cooler I had lying around. I welded up a bracket that mounts on an ST2 valve cover -- it has built in lugs to suit. Its mounted in the same spot as an S4 monster, and while it looks close, I am 99.9% sure it clears. If it works as it should, I'll plump for a cox or similar oil cooler guard.

I'm actually debating stripping the tank back to bare metal. Gibbs makes a product that you apply to bare metal to deal with rust. There was no way I was going to match the red at the local paint shop (I live in the boonies) so it was Tremclad black with a clearcoat over top. I've done it with a couple of other bikes I have, and I honestly like the industrial look. As it stands, I think the red is an unnecessary "extra" color on the bike.
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Like what you did with the tank.....gives me ideas that I might need to do more than one project with a Terblanche era SS........sean
What ECU is in the bike?
Something like Magneti Marelli 15M A8 or A0?
When you removed the airbox/filter, what did you install instead?
Pod filters?
My bike has a 15M A8 and running a bin file that was developed (fuel only mods) based on my analysis workbook and shitloads of log files by Andreas in Norway.
Open airbox (k&N filter) and Remus (DP) exhausts.
That bin file might be a better option than what is in there now.
Stripped the Ducati tank back to bare metal. Took quite a while, as the OEM paint is very durable. No bondo nightmares either -- a soild tank! Tank is treated reguarly with Gibbs metal protector (a trick from the rat rod guys), and I also got a new fuel bung o-ring and new petcock. I like this look over the red that was on there before. Shines so bright you can't see the tank decal!

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Auto part Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Muffler Metal
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And, I'm back to speccing it for track work/racing...



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Some ebay sourcing of "vintage/period decals" for the Ducati has found some graphics from the 70s and 80s to add to the fairings. Helps break up the all black a bit. Not even sure how many of these companies are still in business... Followed the trend of Suzuki and Aprilia of applying (slightly, in this case) oversize decals to the fairing. And no, I have fuel injection, not dellorto carburetors, but I need to project the 80s vibe. I've also dug out my Flock of Seagulls cassettes for the full effect!

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It looks great. Ducati Speciale.
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