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900ss new clutch selection help

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Hey All

I need a new clutch for my 900ss motor. Basically I imported a 900 motor from the states and quarintine dimwits left my motor sitting in the weather for over a month while they screwed me over. So the clutch and basket and completley fingered.

What you u suggest

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I went with Nichols basket and Barnett clutch pack. Some have had troubles with their Barnett clutch but I have about 10,000 klms on mine so far without troubles and is just starting to clatter a bit. Only other thing is if you go with a steel basket, get steel clutch plates not alloy. You might find a good used basket on eBay as people change to slippers.

I also fitted a VeeTwo clutch hub (mine was a bit wobbly) from West Aus, a pressure plate (Speedymoto I think) and a Yoyodyne slave.

A lot of those are my personal preferences and from info on the forum but you'd be unlucky to go wrong with what others suggest too.
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