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900FE Scoop

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I'm brand new to this forum so please excuse any mistakes for a while. Also new to Ducatidom. Actually, a Duc wannabee. Have restored British iron (T120R, couple 850 Commandos), a Goose V7Sport, and curently restoring an R90S and a CBX. Obviously, I'm not marque specific. I like unique machines of all makers. Looking for a 900SS, probably an FE, and wondering what lies ahead. Have read Mick Walker's book and ordered Falloon's book last week on belt drive twins.

Any major sources of woe associated with the FE? I can handle (or at least try to learn how to do) the maintenance stuff likes valve adj and belt replacement, etc. But, I want to ride the beast, and don't wnat something too finicky or problematic.

Any fatal flaws...I guess is the question?

Thanks, in advance.

doc :) :) :)
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