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Hey Guys,

Another one of my 'lets learn it all' questions.

I've had my 900 sport for about 6 months now and I feel ready to grab the wrench a little.

I want to start with some very simple mods, slip ons, open airbox with K&N and as I'll have to adjust the air/fuel, a power commander.

I have been reading and got a little worried, that some Ducs have an O2 sensor in them and thus a PC on it's own will not do anything, that i'll need to get a DP ECU as well as the PC... However I could not find anywhere whether any of the EFI 900ss or 900 sport have an o2 sensor?

Can I just get a PC and put a free all stock map on it for now without any problems? or later down the road get it custom mapped with no problems, or is there an o2 sensor issues I have to worry about?

Thanks in advance.
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