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900 and 750

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Hi fellow Ducatisti!!! I need your wisdom please!

I recently bought very cheap a 2001 750 SS whose worse damage is to have a broken (off) front motor mount. I found a pair of good crankcases but they are from a '94 900. The rest of my engine is in perfect condition. Will they fit? Or more precisely, will I be able to fit the 750 stuff in them? Crankcase bearings size and barrels are my main concern, but I could also worry about the gearshaft bearings or other ancilliaries.
I apprecaite any info you can give me on the subject.

Greetings from Mexico!
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I'm not sure about the newer 750s but the older models had different, smaller cases than the 900s.Your best bet would be to find someone to weld the motormount back on the orig. cases.And inspect the frame carefully,any impact that broke the cases will have affected the frame too.
totally different case's, 750's are wet clutch, the 900 is dry so different there to start with. lots of other differences also.
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