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I weigh 140lb and had negligible to nonexistent sag with the OEM Showas. Went down 2 sizes for the front springs and 1 in the rear. Suddenly my 848 was like butter. Initially I complained it was too soft having ridden around for 3 mo with the Showas but just hit up my first track day with this bike 2 days ago on the new suspension. My sore quads and fully scrubbed tires can attest to how great the new set up is.

I ended up with Racetech springs on the front because Ohlins didn't make the required size. Ohlin on the rear. Have not noticed any significant change in ride height if there is even one but I'm a tall woman so have an inseam that fits most bikes(even motards) and this generally isn't a concern for me.

Cost me about $500 Cdn and well worth every penny. Still significantly cheaper than my other plan of a cupcake diet and new leathers!!!

It's worth it - and if you are doing street riding on roads similar to the ones around here it will be an even better improvement.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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