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At 150 lbs you will not achieve the correct sag numbers, they are setup for 200 lb riders from factory.
When I had mine I had a hard time getting the correct sag numbers and I am 160 lbs.
I put a ohlins du515 on the back but never got round to changing the springs in the front.
Call Dan Kyle as he can help you out.
+1 on the Ohlins DU515 from Kyle. It made a night and day difference on my 848 and I weigh 195 geared up. At your weight you will have no chance with the stock set up even if you backed off all the rear spring pre-load and backed off all the compression and rebound damping. You just won't get past the factory spring rate. The bike is actually set up for two up riding or something. It's amazing that the factory will never discuss what design parameters they were trying to hit when they built the bike. Of course after you set up the back spring then you still have to deal with the front but then for your weight it might not be an issue. I haven't changed the springs or oil on the front and have the compression damping cranked down to 1/4 turn back from full stiff.
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