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I used to be a member here and had a 2011 848 Evo Matte White and I sold it to my friend who was killed in an accident couple weeks ago riding my ex bike.

The bike have nothing left...

And I am helping my friend's wife to get rid of his stock part and the following is what I have found in his warehouse.

Stock Forks and Rear Shock... when I sold the bike to him it only had 3900km on it.. and he replaced it with ohlins shortly after.. so maybe only 5000km on it?

All Stock fairings with fuel tank. When I bought the bike, I was a new rider so replaced the whole body with chinese fairing and bought a used tank and put SBK livery on it. And this was done at around less than 300km. So basically its all new. No stock front seat cause it was on the bike. Have a back seat and a ducati performance rear seat solo cover cause the chinese fairing came with one.

One Ducati Performance Carbon from Fender with a few scratch that probadly can be polished out.

One Ducati DDA which he never got around using that he bought off Ebay.

One Stock Windshield which was off the bike at 10km cause I changed it back in the dealer.

One whole set of stock exhaust taken off at around 2000km before I sold the bike to him.

The reason I am posting here is because there are not alot of 848 Evos here in Hong Kong and I wish to sell all these parts to get as much money back for my friend's wife as I can.

You can PM me or email me at [email protected] to discusss price and shipment if someone is in Asia that would be great but everything can be shipped anywhere provided shipping cost make sense to the buyer.
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