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Hey errybody, So I've been working on my somewhat-recently acquired 848 EVO, has 11K miles and I was unable to get the service history.

Since I couldn't get that, I have gone and started the usual checks myself.

All valve clearances are within spec and well, I decided to try and change the belts today. This is where I ran into some problems.

Got a bit ahead of myself and didnt mark the old belts, well, because I was replacing them.

Removed those and now am incredibly confused as to the marks on the cam pulleys, videos and other write-ups I saw did not make sense to what I was seeing. One writeup for a 1098 that I was looking at can be found here: see how to set the belt tension with no tools!!! - ducati.org forum | the home for ducati owners and enthusiasts

The service manual for the non-evo (not sure if this matters?) 848 really does not tell me much in the way of aligning the cam pulleys/notches for any sort of reference point. The only reference point I have is on the intermediate shaft (dimple) to the clutch cover, which puts the H cylinder at TDC.

I'm really just wondering, is *how* should the cam pulleys be set/aligned for each cylinder for..well.. proper function?

When the old belts were still on, it was really hard to find/make any sense of much when each respective cylinder was at TDC. Pictures attached.

I'm really just wondering where to start at this point. I am forever shamed for not marking the cam sprockets before removing belts. :(


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