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Hey all, I made a thread here a while back about having to replace the fairing stay on my 848 EVO. I asked about the chinese fairing stay and there was no feedback. I decided to take the plunge and was able to get one for $92 shipped on eBay and it got here in 5 days.

The fairing stay works great! They come with the metal clips for the mirrors. Both the mirror clips and the plastic cable router needs to be swapped over and riveted. Its fairly simple, but ya need the tool. Fitment was MUCH better than I ever expected from a chinese part. Everything lines up perfect, and it seems to be a perfect copy of the original magnesium fairing stay. The black paint seems to be of decent quality as well, and doesn't look out of place in the dash at all.

This aluminum fairing stay does weigh a bit more than the factory magnesium one for sure. It's definately not a anchor but it's noticable holding them both in hand.

The only downside to this piece is where the relay bracket should bolt down. The hole is there, but it is not threaded. You cant even get a tap and match the thread to the factory bolt - the hole is a bit larger. The fix is not too bad.. I ended up grabbing a larger tap and running it through the hole forward and back with plenty of oil being careful not to crack the aluminum. Then I found a short threaded bolt that fits good.
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