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Hola! Long story short, my vertical rear exhaust pipe manifold cracked because the bolt holding up the silencer to the rear peg is surprisingly missing.

What's the best way to get to the exhaust header to replace?

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i have just replaced the vertical cylinder manifold on mine... second time i've had to do this...dealer did it under warranty last time.. i found a good 2nd hand pipe on ebay for GBP30

not sure if your crack problem (?) is related to the missing nut.. all of mine are present and it is still cracked, i think maybe there is torque applied to the pipe when all the fasteners and fittings are tightened down, then with the repeated heating and cooling of the pipe maybe some work hardening taking place.. just guessing though

I thought it was going to be a hard job...since access looks to be pretty poor...in the end turned out ok

my order of operations
seat off, tank out, battery and computer out
then you have better access to the vertical cylinder
trickiest part was removing the heat shield that sits over the pipes.. there are 4 fixing points that use some horrid captive nut thing on a spring clip.. rusted badly and all the bolts were just spinning.. ended up grinding all the bolt heads of with a dremel and a carbide bit.
release the clamp for the silencer.. i have a high level termi slip on ... remove the exhaust valve cable so you can move the lower part of the exhaust system more easily

the copper nuts on the exhaust headers came off easy enough, the top middle on is a PITA to get to, had to make a tool from an allen key and an old 10mm socket to get access to it, frame gets in the way...i'm sure there is a special ducati tool for it

then the header should come out easy enough with a bit of wiggling of the lower exhaust

i bought a load of new bolts and nuts to reassemble. putting it all back together was very straightforward

the most expensive part of this was the O2 sensor... the old one was proper rusted in the pipe and all the threads came out when i removed it, so had to stump up for a new one about GPB200 :/

Auto part Automotive exhaust Pipe Exhaust manifold Metal

new piece


old pipe with crack


this is about as far as you have to go to get access to the rear pipi


new piece installed
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