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Hey guys/gals -
Received the painted bellypan from Motostyle on Wednesday.
Packaged very well for the trip and I think, looks great right out of the box.
It weighs next to nothing too!

Here are a few pictures before I started installation this morning.

And, outside this morning, getting ready for the installation.
Instructions/Directions from rz33v4 told me that it shouldn't take more than 15-20 minutes to install.
This is an accurate measurement - provided you have all the right tools available when you start.
I didn't really know what sizes sockets & such to use, so I'd get a few from my shop, bring them up front to the bike and trial 'n error.

That was my bad…
I'm not used to metric nomenclature otherwise, I would have had this thing on in the time frame.
I'm learning though.

Instructions are as follows and I didn't have any issues with the steps involved.
It is a bit tight (area-wise) to loosen/remove the lower exhaust bolts, but I think if you have a deep socket, it would work better.
I did, but didn't feel like walking back to the shop to get one. :)

1. Remove the horn and straight steel bracket, leaving the electrical leads connected. You won't need the stock fasteners, as new ones are supplied.
2. Remove the (2) front cylinder lower exhaust header nuts and retain.
3. Support the bellypan in its center with something so it's relatively close to the bottom of the engine
4. Relocate the horn/bracket assembly to the front of the forward bellypan bracket, using the drilled hole and fasteners. Make sure the brown-color mica insulating washer separates the horn bracket from the bellypan bracket. Make the horn bracket vertical and tighten fastener (carefully, so that the Mica washer is not cracked).
5. Raise the bellypan front bracket to the lower exhaust bolts and loosely tighten the nuts removed previously.
6. At the rear of the engine is the battery box, held up by (2) M6 bolts. Remove one at a time and replace with the struts supplied (see 1200 bellypan instructions on the website; it mounts the same way in the rear).
7. Raise the bellypan rear and loosely re-install the M6 bolts removed previously through the pan mounting holes. Check on the RH side to assure the cut-out provides clearance to the RH side exhaust valve.
8. Carefully tighten all nuts/bolts, including those button-head M5 hex bolts installed in the bellypan front side depressions.

Here you can see the lower exhaust bolts and the horn, neither had been loosened or removed.

Horn, still before removal.

Installed onto the bellypan bracket

Rear battery box bolts removed and replaced with the included struts

And, that's pretty much all you have to do.
I tightened it all up, per instructions and this (see next post) is what it looks like afterwards.
I am very pleased with the product.
I know some who will scoff at this addition, but, well, all that matters is that I like it.
And, I do.

Limited to 8 photos per post, so see next post for more pictures.

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I know one thing - I've got to replace those darn "wings" with my smaller turn signals.

More pictures

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