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Just spent the day arguing the Andreani adjustable fork innerds into a 2016 821 Monster. To say that the instructions were minimal would be like saying 'It drizzled a bit, and Noah took the family for a little boat ride'.
Got multiple answers on fork oil weight, quantity, and level. Settled on 120mm of 7.5w.
That was the easy part.
Right leg is the dumb one. Remove leg. Unscrew cap from top, allen from bottom, install new gizmo and oil, and close up.
Seems like it would be hard to have made a mistake there.
Left one was another issue. Remove leg. Pop the cap. Drain the oil. Grind off the part around the set screw on the lower leg to wipe off the metal that was peened over the set screw. Give up and drill out the set screw. Rethread. Get new set screw.
Heat up the casting. Hold onto shiny, smooth, chrome fork tube and unscrew from the casting. Much heat and foul language. Luckily, no scratched chrome.
Instructions say to remove the threaded insert at the inside top of the tube with some funny special tool which wasn't supplied, and I don't have. Some folks say they used needle nose pliers. Tried that. NFG. Make a funny 4 finger pin tool out of a piece of tubing. Heat up the fork leg. Much foul language. No good. Take ANOTHER closer look, and realize that the thing with 4 holes is not screwed in, it's part of the fork tube. Much drilling and grinding and the piece is gone. I guess Duc changed how they made the fork tubes after the manual was printed.
In the bottom of the left leg, the new threaded seat is installed. Clean up the ultra fine threads of the fork tube, Loctite everything, and screw back together.
Reassemble everything. Add oil.
Both fork caps were not tightened down onto the cartridges from the factory. Made sure they were, and that the locknuts were tightened.
Left leg back on, and Damn!
The left leg assembly is now more than 10mm longer than the right one.
By that point, it was after 8pm, and time to give up.
Trying to figure out what I did wrong.
About the only thing I come up with, is that there is a black rubber bumper in the bottom of the left casting that I did not remove. If I disassemble everything, and place the new lower threaded seat UNDER the rubber bumper, that would shorten the left leg a bit. Not convinced that it would shorten the fork assemble enough.
Not really sure what the purpose of the bumper is, as the fork tube threads into the casting and seats up against the bumper. But, if I move the threaded seat under it, that should shorten the whole fork leg.
We had the factory manual, both the english and Italian versions of the Andreani manual, and someone who speaks Italian to translate, as the English translation was a bit wonky (they say 'Grain' in the English version for what should be 'Set Screw' or 'Grub Screw').
Anyone put a set of these in a late model 821 and have some pearls of wisdom to share? I spent basically an entire Sunday on the forks, and have to take them apart again. Very open to suggestions.
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