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800 guts in a 750

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I know the 6-speed tranny from an 800 will fit in the 750 cases, but has anyone tried the crank/rods/pistons? I have an 800 crank and rods that I was thinking I might drop in but I can find no information about the differences in the two engines besides bore and stroke. My biggest concern is if there is a difference in the compression height of the pistons. Anyone have a 750 or 800 piston lying around they could measure?
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Youd basically be stroking the 750 4.5mm as the 800 has a 66mm crank and the 750 a 61.5mm. If you are set on doing this put the crank in the cases and put the cylinders on and measure the deck height to see it the piston comes abve the cylinder top. If it does you could have the tops of the pistons machined where interference would be. You would also want to measure th squish to see if any valve to piston clearance issues have manifested themselves.
I dont have a 800 piston out so I cant say for sure the top is any different.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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