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Good Afternoon all,

I recently picked up a 749S that I am trying to get into shape. The dash reports codes for right fan shorted to ground and Immobilizer serial cable disconnected. The bike starts right up and runs fine (with the left fan going constantly).


So far I have connected 12V directly to the right fan and it spins right up. I can also connected the middle pin on the diag cable to the battery ground, though, now that I think about it the paperclip I inserted in the connector probably wasn't enough to carry a proper ground.

I have also tried to measure continuity between the ECU and the FAN by disconnecting the ECU but could figure what pin on the ecu cable i should be using (BODY 14) per the diagram any idea how I can do that without cutting into the insulation?


I have reseated the cable steering stalk - no joy
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