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i am so embarrassed - i made a rook mistake and I am not sure where the problem is. I just had new tires mounted and finished reinstalling my wheels - front is fine, but the rear wheel binds. Ah...spacer missing. The left spacer that goes into the drive side is there - i am looking at the microfische on Ducati Omaha and I think there may be a spacer on the brake side but i cannot tell, as the one part #31 is not listed in the part section to the right. it ends at 30. URL below.

anyone got an idea - feel free to publicly bash, humiliate and mock me provided you have the answer to my problem.


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i am so embarrassed - i made a rook mistake and I am not sure where the problem is. I just had new tires mounted and finished reinstalling my wheels - front is fine, but the rear wheel binds. Ah...spacer missing.

Please note that all prices below are Unit prices. ie: the price for one item.

RefPart NumberDescription# On DiagramPrice Per ItemQTY In BasketDetails
277110481AC SCREW TCEI M10X25x1$1.85
385211541AC WASHERx1$1.20
479910831BB SPRINGx1$28.55
553940034BB SWITCH, REAR BRAKEx1$46.00
645720131AB PEDAL, BRAKEx1$194.40
774750051BC NUTx1$0.30
877912371BC SCREWx1$4.25
982110521ABC PIN PEDALx1$42.40
1071210341AA BUSHx1$5.30
1145510101AB BRAKE LEVER PINx1$31.60
1276410112AC COVER PEDALx1$11.90
1382111621AC PINx1$6.80
1468550021AC COTTER PINx1$0.90
1577912931AC SCREW, SPECIALx1$26.45
1662540091AC REAR BRAKE PUMPx1$117.55
1774140431AC CLAMPx2$1.15
1811720611AA ROD, BRAKEx1$43.55
1977210601AB SCREW TEF M6X16x2$1.05
2018410051AC FORK HEADS DIN 71752x1$11.35
2187710911AB PIPEx1$5.05
2277913662ABC SCREW, SPECIALx2$20.90
2385250241AC WASHER 10X14X1x4$0.40
2485211581AC WASHER 18X1.5x1$5.90
2658540321AB SUB TANK, OILx1$22.90
2789340241AC TANK CAPx1$21.35
2861940261AA REAR BRAKE HOSEx1$91.55
2974140991AC CLAMPx3$2.70
3077156398BC SCREW TCEIF M5X12x3$2.35
3171312051AB INNER SPACERx1$7.60
3282510282AB PLATEx1$252.40
3371311921AB SPACERx1$2.75
3455240373AA DETECTORx1$183.35
3577156658BC SCREW TCEIF M6X16x1$2.70
3661240161AC PAD PINS OVERHAUL KITx2$13.90
3761140381AC REAR BRAKE CALIPERx1$276.80
3861340381AC REAR BRAKE PADS SETx1$54.15
3977157238BC SCREW TCEIF M8X20x2$2.35
4061240081AC DUST PLUGx1$26.10
4177950241AC SCREW TCEIR M6X10x1$1.25
4274750031AC NUT 6MMx1

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i think the rear wheel will have a spacer on the rh (brake) side that goes inside the seal against the wheel bearing. the sprocket side has a spacer that slides over the inner sleeve spacer coming through the sprocket carrier from the inside? haven't got one here to look at.

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81910431AA FRONT WHEEL SPINDLEx1$166.10
293040521AC SEAL RING 35X47.15X6.8x2$8.50
377913991AC SCREW M8X20x10$2.30
471311961AB RIGHT SPACERx1$9.90
549240751AC FRONT BRAKE DISCx2$626.45
670250451AC BEARINGx2$33.25
771410471AB INNER SPACERx1$85.15
850121001AAA WHEEL, FRONT METALGRAYx1$2158.60
50121001ABA WHEEL, FRONT BLACKx1$2157.65
971311973AB LEFT SPACERx1$14.40
1074810141CC NUT M25X1.25x1$10.05
1149720012AC VALVE, TUBELESS TIREx1$27.80
1277913111AC SCREWx5$3.15
1349240771AC REAR BRAKE DISCx1$345.70
1471410431AB INNER SPACERx1$114.80
1549720031AC VALVE, TUBELESS TIREx1$12.75
1650221001AAA WHEEL REAR METALGRAYx1$2264.35
50221001ABA WHEEL REAR BLACKx1$2264.35
1770010591AB WHEEL RUNNER BUSHx5$22.90
1971010841AA BUSH WITH COLLARx1$28.50
2016010922A**Dead ->16017081Ax1$212.55
2170250501AC BEARINGx2$39.95
2271311841AB INNER SPACERx1$10.15
2371311861AA SPACERx1$69.10
2449410991AC REAR SPROCKET T38x1$148.60
2574840241ABC NUTx5$0.65
2688440061AC CIRCLIPx1$6.70
2767640373AC CHAIN DID 525HV3 96 MAGLIE OPENEDx1$304.80
2867620561AC FINAL DRIVE KITx1$409.70
2985211811AC WASHERx1$2.30
3070240381AC BEARING, 35X62X14x2$41.15
3193040391AC SEAL RING 40X55X7
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