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Well if you do some research, you'll find that most synthetics, including the Motul V300, can go up to 1800 miles of hard riding, before they start to break-down. Of course 1800 miles could be a year of riding a track bike, so my rule of thumb is to change oil every few race events or when it gets dirty. The nice thing about the Motul V300 is the nice bright color. Once you look in the sight glass and see darkness instead of bright lime green, its time to change.

Oil is expensive... There is NO need to change it every event and personally, the risk factor of changing it all the time is too great. On a race bike, you've gotta make sure every screw is perfectly torqued to spec and then wire-tied. What if you over-torqued the drain bolt by accident... there goes your next few race outings.

I only fix what needs to be fixed and I only change the oil when necessary. You can do whatever you want, but don't forget, the big boys get new motors and new oil, every time they go out and we have to live with the same ol' motor until we either crash the bike to death and or blow it up. Tell ya one thing, my motor isn't gonna blow because I didn't change the oil enough. ;)

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