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749 not starting?

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So I got the 05 749s which i picked up about 3 weeks ago. The dealer I bought the bike from had connected battery tender plugs to the battery. So I bought a battery tender jr. to maintain a charge. It seems like the battery is not holding a charge. As soon as I unplug the tender cable to start the bike she does not have enought to crank the starter. Then I jump it and it starts. Hwere is the clincher. I will take her for a 2 hour ride and come back turn her off and try to start her again and she still wont start up. :mad:

Do you think its the battery?

Do you think it was a closed loop in the electronic circuitry because i had the datime running light out?

Do you guys know warranty on the battery?

Could it be the battery tenderizer fried my battery?
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