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748 or 749?

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Thinking of buying a 748 but I've read allot about problems with the bike like rockers and the bike stalling and so on.
Should I go for a 749 instead of the 748? :confused:
I know the design is very different from the 748, but the more I look at the 749 the cooler it looks. :D
Is the 749 more reliable then the 748?
The prizes on the 748 are pretty high here in Sweden and I do not want to spend a lot of money on repairs directly after the bike is bought.

Happy for all the input I can get from you guys. A little of a newbie on bikes and the flaws to look out for. But one thing do I know. It’s a duc I want to ride. :cool:

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Having owned both and raced both, I can say without a doubt, the 749 is a far superior machine mechanically. I still prefer the feeling of the 748 and both bikes handle the same out of the box. If you want a more reliable bike the 749 is the way to roll. Also, the 749 is a better machine to modify, especially the 749S/749R models, which have enough power to be pretty fun bikes. The base 749 or 749D, they're pretty stripped. Spend the money to get at least a 749S, you won't regret it! Also, another tip is to get the box style swing arm, found on all the 749R's, but I believe only 05/06 749's.

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