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748 mirror question

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Has anyone installed these injave them but the instructions say to remove the fairing stays that attach to the mirrors don't feel comfortable having my nose fairing just hanging there

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Looking at the pictures it seems like they provide two carbon pieces for under the nose cone that replace the fairing stays. If that is correct I'd be worried about mirror vibration in addition to support for the nose. I mean I have CF stays and my mirrors vibrate more than the stock setup (as expected). I have CF mirrors but with stock glass.

Here's what I would do (and did to mount my mirrors which are different than yours but mount in a similar way).
Before I got the CF fairing stays I used the stock ones. I had to remove the two spring clips from the fairing stays. This may be easier if you remove the fairing stays but I don't see why if you remove the nose cone.

The spring clips are attached to the fairing stays by some rivets so you have to drill them out to remove the clips. Note that in the stock setup the mirrors have two hex standoffs with "bulbs" on the end that snap into the spring clips.
Then a "shear off" screw secures the mirror via the center hole.

With your new mirrors (like mine) you won't be using the center shear off screw. Instead they provide two screws that use the position where the spring clips are.

Once you've removed the spring clips, put the nose back on, then the two screws go through the fairing stays where the spring clips were. The center hole is not used any longer (unless you have LED indicators in the mirrors like mine... in that case the center hole is for the wires).

Now I don't know how long the screws are that they provided on yours. It looks like they provided a "flat head" screw that goes on top of the mirror mount and through the nose. Then it looks like they secure the screws using nuts on the bottom. You may need to find the right length screws or use spacers/washers on the bottom.
I used aluminum screws to secure my mirrors but lets face it... With two screws on each side and CF fairing stays a crash will do a lot of damage if the mirror hits the ground (c'est la vie).
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