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748 Engine Refresh Thread

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I figured I should put some of this stuff into one thread instead of posting a bunch of different ones.

Flying Bulldog helped me wrestle the bike off the engine and then lift the engine onto the jack.

No big surprises taking parts off the bike. A couple of dumb mistakes, including spilling an awful lot of coolant, but no major stumbling blocks.

Next up:

1. Remove the heads and replace the head gaskets
2. Remove the cylinders and replace the base gaskets
3. Replace the belts
4. Remove the stickers (Flying Bulldog insisted)
5. Reassemble.



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Er........That oil leak in the 4th pic. Mine had one just like it and it was coming from the vertical cylinder exhaust cam bearing cover. The screw was loose.
Thanks for the link, Tricklidz. I'm currently reading the Clymer's manual for instructions on removing the heads and then the cylinders, with the ultimate goal of replacing the base cylinder head gasket. On both cylinders.

I'm worried about messing up the valve timing. And then figuring out how to adjust them again. Your blog has good notes, but do you happen to have a link to detailed procedures?


If it was me and the roads were ice free I'd take her out and get her good and hot, come home and remove the fairing, stick her on the padock stand and let her sit at idle for 5 minutes and watch for the oil leak.

If it is the circular cover on the end of the camshaft then it's 2 screws and a new 'O' ring. These covers are removed for access when doing the shims so it is not above the realms of possiblility that the 'O' ring is shagged.
Here's what I did:

1. Set the engine up on the timing marks.
2. Check which cylinder was at Top Dead Centre with the valves closed (horizontal I think?).
3. take off the belt on that cylinder.
4. Turn the engine over til the next cylinder is at TDC (270 degrees clockwise, once again if my memory is still in working order after 4 beers and a glass of champers!)
5. Take off next belt.
6. Turn the engine til the cylinders are both around half way down the bores.
7. Fart about turning individual camshafts over until your heart is content and marvel that you can do it with your finger. Aren't these engine amazing!
8. Obviously if you feel any resistance then something may not be as it should be so stop and check.

Happy new year folks, hope everybody has a good one..........hic!
Yess, a very pleasant new year it was.

You might find this useful if you haven't already found it:

916 Belt Change - Ducati Up North

The trick with the Tippex on the belts is a good idea.
1 - 4 of 61 Posts
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