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I'm a little pissed off at the moment, can't seem to find anyone that offers any aftermarket tuning equipment with an auto tune feature for the 748/ 998 / 916 etc. I'm stationed in Italy and can't find anyone to dyno my bike with the power commander 3 ( the only tuning program at the moment) ( and yea I know you can tune the Ecu with software from ducati). So an auto-tune feature would be very beneficial to me.
As I do more research I find out that dyno jet ( manufacturer of power commander) has such thing and a new power commander the 5, but no support for the ducati superbikes. So I email them and ask if they have a universal version or if they would be coming out with a model. Response : no. we will not make any for the ducati super bikes. Well fuck me right.
On to the next I look at bazazz , I see a lot of ad's for best auto tuning programs blah blah blah. Every product the offer seems really great but none available for the superbikes. Ughhh frustrated.

Does anyone know of any other equipment or am I going to have to take my bike to ducati themselves and say hey tune this!


TAKE IT TO DUCATI!!! they love nothing better when someone says they have traveled thousands of miles to have there bike looked at by the peeps that put it together!!

you might get a look about the factory, and see a engeneer pressing bearings into a pani engine case---- by this i mean some old bird smoking a "borough" cigg whilst smacking a bearing into the case with a mallet :think: lol lol
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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