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Here are some pics documenting my return to racing on the new to me 699R desmoquattro.

I picked it up in a trade with a good friend from Dallas area, you can see where I started with the bike on the trailer. When I brought it home it had a 748 motor in it, and for the sake of getting it going and getting back on track, I focused on putting a new fairing stay on it, a new nose, get it fired up again, and the one pic of me on it with the red tank was a VERY cold track day in Oct of 2014. Couldn't get any heat in the tires so it was pretty much a wasted day.

Over last winter/spring I swapped the the 748R motor out and put the 699R motor in, this motor has one of the Bruce Meyer short stroke crank shafts in it reducing the displacement to just under 700cc which puts it in the Light Weight GP class with our local racing organization.

This spring I took the bike up to Brainerd International Raceway, where because I had not raced in a few years had to go back through the new rider class, to get my license reinstated. Only to chase electrical cut out issue all day friday! old bike probs... Anyway a fellow racer and friend was kind enough to loan me his very well sorted 848 to finish my new rider requirement of competing in the New Rider race that friday evening.... Thanks Harry! After dominating the new rider race I appealed and was awarded my expert plate status right away! So I am back and having fun. but I also have a 748(RS) spec built motor I would like to sell...

it is a Jeff Nash built 748 motor, acquired with the bike I got 1.5 years ago.

Basic build is... RS cams, titanium rods, hi comp pistons, cleaned up heads (very little porting) and MBP collets, complete "long block" no oil cooler, or clutch, does have alternator, intake boots, and I have a set of shower type injectors that could be included. I am sure building a motor like this would cost upwards of $3000. I'd like to get close to $2000, but am willing to entertain offers. Will also help transport or ship if need be, I am in Central MN and regularly travel the Dakota's and northern half of Iowa. I have it in heated storage at the moment on a stand.
From the guy I bought it from
"Bob referred to this motor as an "R" and almost an "RS" 748. Spec wise, the difference was that tranny has not been lightened. Bob rebuilt it (he rebuilt 748's and built 853's for his racing efforts in CA.) from the original Jeff Nash built motor.

The entire rotating assembly was balanced by Ben Fox in Colorado. Uses the "G" grind cams, and Ducati Titanium rods. I believe it has a very mild port/polish and of course runs MBP colletts. The pistons are hi compression.

ARP head studs. RS motors I BELIEVE were sand cast and while lighter, were literally trash after 750 race miles or so, this one is not sand case"


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