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I am having an issue with the 696. A few months ago was starting to see a little white smoke coming out the rear at idle. OVer the last several weeks it seems to have gotten worse. I would idle at a stoplight and bother everyone next to me with this smoke. It is NOTICEABLE!! SO to the dealer I go. After running diagnostics, dealer confirms bike is running way rich. Apparently the injection timing is off, where it is injecting at a rate of 3.5ms as opposed to 1.5ms (not to tech savvy so bear with me) I am basically dumping gas into the engine. This makes sense as I have noticed a sharp drop in mpg.
Well, they can't seem to fix it, so far they have changed the ECU, map sensor, O2 sensor, and wiring harness. The tech seems certain this was a software issue, but so far nothing works. Anything they thought could contribute to this they have changed. Unfortunately, I had to take the bike home as I am crating the bike and moving to Germany(boohoohoo;)) They contacted DNA and made sure I was taken care of when I get to Europe. I still have 1 year on my warranty, which is worldwide.
DO you guys have any opinions as to what may be causing this? Any pearls I could be taking to Deutchland?
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