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A full line of 6 mm closer shims and opener shims are now available on my website. The tools include the shim measurment tools for both the opener and closer, and a tool to assemble the closer shim onto the tapered collets.

If you click on the pic of the tools, it will show you how the tool is used.

The closer shim ID is a taper, so a precision ball is needed to measure the shims thickness. I highly recommend that the ball be used to obtain the shim size, as the size marked on the Ducati Shim is not necessarily correct.

The ID of the 6 mm opener shim is so small that a standard micrometer will not fit inside, so I have a steel dowell that you can zero on, then use it inside the shim to measure the shim thickness.

I have a prototype tool that is being evaluated for removing the closer shim from its valve stem. If it works properly I will also offer it.


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