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Moto hooked me up with a very well thought out solution to fix the burning fairing issue on a 999r with a 57mm Termi system. I'll tell you, I have talked with dozens of folks and spent months researching a solution.
Moto dialed me right in...
here it is,
He sent me a CF heat shield for the stock pipe
He sent me 2 large hose clamps
He sent me 2 clips with screw holes
He sent me two screws

Wrap the pipes.
Put the hose clamps on the pipe down by the kickstand.
Slide the clips around the clamps.
Screw the CF heat shield to the clips which are on the clamps.
Screw down the clamps to the pipe.
The CF heat shield pushes the fairing away and creates an air space between the pipe and shield!!!!
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