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As with most ducatis, it seems, my bike gave me the option of seeing only 5 feet in front of me with the low beam, or barely seeing anything 30 feet in front of me with the high beam.
I adjusted the headlight a few times, pointing it up a little higher, with very little improvement.

Figuring it to be a cheap investment, I'd looked at some other bulbs (PIAA, etc) which claimed to be brighter, but I figured I'd might as well go all out and just get the brightest bulb I could find. Hey, it worked great on the Ninja!

So, I bought a pack of these: $10 for 2 of them.

I'd used similar ones before on the Ninja, and found them to work great, last a very long time (10,000 miles so far, including lots of off-road riding).

The difference is dramatic. I can actually see now! Living in deer country, I was afraid to ride at night before. Now, I'm not scared anymore.

The headlight still leaves something to be desired, but the difference is well worth the cost.
So far at least (maybe 100 miles of city commuting or so) the headlight doesn't seem to be getting too hot, and the stock wiring seems easily able to handle the extra load of the 130w highbeam.

Just a heads up for any of you dissatisfied with the performance of the stock candle.
Do NOT install an H4 over 65w.
The PO of my bike had a 100w H4 installed. It melted the plug and almost caused a catastropic short where the wires got so hot the insulation melted.

If you want more light, either go with the HID kit (I have heard mixed reviews) or install some driving lights with a relay, fuse and heavy wire.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts