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Wait, check the tread pattern, isn't that rear tire mounted backwards?

I thought about it alittle bit and here's how to better explain and demonstrate it....when you look at a 160 or 170 series tire....it has more of a defined curvature to it....the wider a tire becomes...the generally speaking flatter it becomes also in curvature...180 and 190 series tires generally speaking have more of a contact patch because they are wider and flatter in curvature...then you get the super wides like what are on the choppers and so forth that have 240-320 series tires on em to exaggeratingly demonstrate the premise of what I am saying...and alot of the tire contacts the road...less turn in though...harder to roll a flatter surface over towards its side...you have to work more and do things to the dynamics to coax the tire over...whether it be via a pointy front tire to point it downward....or the forces of the bike and rider dynamically pushing the bike over into its natural lean....now if you are hardly turning....its no big deal...but when you have to...you have to work the bike more....if you are twisting up the curves with your buddies....then you want the narrower profile so that you can run like this....
these pics are "RunnerBaylistic" on his Monster 800

1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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