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I'm trying to determine if the previous owner changed the sprocket. I am turning 70-72 mph at 4000 RPM, and 4500 at 80-82 in sixth gear on my '08 1100S. Is this a 15-tooth or 14-tooth?

I've also read that a different chain (520 pitch instead of 525) is required when going to the 14-tooth, and I'm wonder if that is true? It wasn't the case with previous motorcycles of mine.

You have a 15-tooth front sprocket.

The 520 and 525 chains have the same link pin-to-pin length so you can use the same chain. Just make sure that the replacement 14-tooth sprocket is also a 525.

plate thickness: 2.0 mm
roller length: 22.95 mm
pin-to-pin distance: 15.875 mm

plate thickness: 2.2 mm
roller length: 20.20 mm
pin-to-pin distance: 15.875 mm
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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