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Just came across something funny since I cannot sleep atm (insomnia). Anyway, got to page 20 of my 11' 1198.

"Vehicle speed indication
This function shows vehicle speed.
The instrument panel receives the actual speed value
(expressed in km/h) from the ECU and displays the value
increased by 8%.
Maximum speed displayed is 299 km/h (186 mph).
over 299km/h (186 mph) the display will show a series of
dashes "---" (steadily lit - not flashing)."

So this answers 2 questions that I have seen asked here numerous times. One the speed error of 8-10% is actually designed in.
Two the max speed of 186 is only a display issue...............thinking bad thoughts about seeing --- one day

Still have not found how to set the time properly.

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Yeah most bikes have this "feature" built in. On my R1 it was 10% and it was pretty annoying so I bought a speedo healer and installed it. It’s been spot on ever since. I still never figured out if the error also translated to the odometer as well and I haven't looked into it since I installed the speedo healer.
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