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You don't know the beauty of the DTC because you don't realize it is working. The DTC automatically turns off when you disconnect the battery. I found this when I installed my GPS. I went for a ride with the DTC off and noticed a difference. Although I turned the DTC back on, it is a thrill to know the power is there if wanted.

ah well yes...ABS.
Lots on that already.
I love the guys who say it makes us less safe because we ride with less caution. I wonder if these are the sons of people 30 years ago who said wearing seat belts made us less safe...for the same reason? (That being, seat belts were accused of making people drive with less care becasue they felt more secure).

Now, DTC, I need to understand that more before I really know if thats going to save me! (Like it kicks in when I aquaplane...and I'd always 'done nothing' when aquaplaning....other than pray)....and when I take off and go flying....its flashing...so am I better landing with no power? I'm not sure).
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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