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So my first post here. Hello everyone. I joined this forum because I had the same issue with my 2020 Hyper SP. I have a dozen street legal motorcycles from different makers, including a 2001 M900S. I am familiar with the Ducati nuances. What I was not prepared for were the issues other on this thread that others have already done an outstanding job explaining.
What I have to offer to this thread is this:…
1. I picked up the bike (after 3 weeks) today.
2. After requesting, the service manager showed me photos of what they saw.
3. The throttle bodies and plates looked like they were caked in pancake batter. Seriously, I have personally rebuilt vintage motorcycles. I do my own maintenance. I have seen carbs that were covered in decades-old varnish. I have never seen this. I only use the highest octane fuel available in CA. My bike has 1600 miles (thanks Covid, and the other bikes). Nothing more than E10.
So, we‘ll see if this does the trick. By the before and after photos, I am hopeful.
Even though the bike was technically out of warranty, Ducati picked up the tab. Reviewing this thread reveals to me two different types of dealerships: Those that have seen it it and will advocate for their customer, and those that are “seeing” it for the first time.
I recommend you find the former
1 - 2 of 291 Posts