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2016 MTS Brake Pedal Options

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I just decided to go for a brief flight off my MTS as I was turning rt onto a driveway covered in black hard to see gravel. The cheap aluminum cast brake pedal and footpeg snapped clean off. Fortunately I have the enduro pegs that came with the enduro pack I got for free when I bought the bike, that I never installed. The OEM brake pedal part 45720771BA is $110 which is not that crazy but they are not durable. On my dirt bikes it would have bent so it can be bent back.

Does anyone know of an aftermarket brake pedal that is more durable then OEM, I cannot find one?. Fortunately for the ride back the rear brakes are almost useless. FWIW the bark busters and the Ducati engine crash bars worked perfectly, both got a bit scratched but completely protected the bike as they were intended, even the mirror only sustained minor scratches to the plastic edge.


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Cnc racing and ducabike make them for the 2014. I think they do the later ones too. Also think Woody or woodcraft (something like that) makes a while nicer rearset for the 2015.
I have a set of Gilles Tooling shift and brake levers on my 2015 DVT. They are adjustable, and the quality is excellent (but not cheap)

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