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2014 Pikes Peak

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Hey all!

7 1/2 years ago my wife went back to college to finish her teaching degree. She worked into being a full time Mom, full time student, with a part time husband as I travel a lot for my job. 3.87 GPA and earned a job right out of the chute with the team she student taught with.....and made it look “easy.” It wasn’t. She busted her azz. I worked a lot of overtime to pay for all that school, labs, books, parking, fee’s, etc. Last fall she said, “I’m buying you a motorcycle. Find a bike.” Uh.....whatever you say honey. I found a new, in the dealer, leftover 2014 Pikes Peak. Added saddlebags, Arrow de-cat system, & Tuneboy w/cruise control. Northern Ohio Ducati Triumph in Akron treated me awesome! Fair price for bike and accesories and held it until I could finally pick it up last Thursday. Spent two days and 560 miles getting her home through the hills of Southern Ohio and back to Michigan.............

This is the best bike I’ve ever owned! I can see why everyone loves this thing. I’ve owned 25+ motorcycles in my life. This is the best. If you took my VFR1200F and combined it with my currently for sale KTM 990SMT, then added a bunch of extra electronic advancements.......this is it! I love this thing. It’s my 3rd Ducati and I’m glad to be back to the Italian brand. It’s 25 lbs heavier than my SMT, but feels lighter, yet more planted once under way. It’s near the power surge of the big VFR, yet pulls HARD below 6,000 RPM. The saddlebags swallow a helmet, the cruise control keeps my very immature right wrist on the back burner yet the immediate throttle response is there on demand. It just fits me. They took my two favorite bikes, the highly refined, sophisticated, and powerful VF1200F and the spirited, wheelie prone, comfortable KTM 990SMT and made them one phenomenal and supremely harmonious Italian motorcycle. This bike is sophisticated, powerful, spirited, and comfortable. I’ve never ridden anything like it........and I love it! Great bike!

Ride safe all
SE Michigan, USA
2014 Ducati 1200S Pikes Peak
(plus an assortment of family dirt bikes & specialty street bikes)
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Best bike ever made.

Curious what you paid if you don't mind sharing?

This is my second Multistrada, previously had a 2010 Touring. Feels good to be back...always wanted to PP version. No regrets.

Same for me......my 2014 PP is my second Multi. I too always wanted the PP version. I don't know how I will ever be able to let this one go.
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