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2014 Panigale 1199 - used - buying advice

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Gidday :)

I have an option to pickup a base model with just 14000km / 8700 miles and wondered if people had some thoughts on what to check for when buying used and any recommended mods.

I'm 95 kgs (210 lbs), 5 ft 9 (175 cms) - not a speed-demon so don't need to have the best performance (let's be honest, most modern bikes are far beyond my capabilities!) so I'll just be using it for some 'spirited' weekend rides. Ok, with a bike like that, there may (will) be some poser rides around the local social scene too :)

Here in New Zealand the speed limits are 50 kph (30 mph) for city / urban and 100 kph (60 mph) for highway so I'm thinking a 14t front and 43t rear cogs will be a definite change to increase the revs and smooth out the ride and let the stock pipes sing. Probably cheaper than a remap too.

Seller is an engineer and has done the valve check and had the butterfly removed from the exhaust.
I know that 2014 models fixed the issues with fork seals and fogging dash but not sure if these also suffer the infamous dodgey Duc HT lead issues that need to be upgraded to protect stator and rectifier?

Would really appreciate people's advice / recommendations on any other mods and specifically what should I check for before buying?

Thanks in advance :)
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Hi, I don't have much experience with the 1199, but with the 899. I'm unsure why the seller would have checked the valves so early, that's a 15,000 mile service interval. 7,500 is basically an oil change and checking torque of bolts. Seems a little odd to me, as the bike is torn down a fair amount to check the valves.

As far as things to look for, I would check to make sure it hasn't been down. I would look at the lower triple and make sure the steering stops haven't been sheared off, and on the upper triple there's a little notch to locate the bars, if that's smashed a little, the bike has probably been down on that side (the bars rotate and hit the triple and distort that notch).

I'd ask if he has ever seen any coolant leaks, or let the bike run for a bit, ride it, come back and let it sit and watch for leaks (water pumps were an issue on some).

I'd recommend riding it to see how the clutch feels, as some 1199's had clutch master issues where air would enter the lines repeatedly...

As far as electronics and stator, etc, my 899 had almost 83,000 miles and never any issues with charging. If you ride the bike and let it sit for a bit and try and start it sometimes it would give issue (if it's hot outside, the bike got really hot), but I think that was more heatsoak than anything else, because I had removed the evap can (I recommend that).

Other than that, make sure your nads can handle the heat! :wink2:
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