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Hello, new member here.

My GT has a slight leak on the front break reservoir, happens when im riding only and i've read a couple of other threads about it.

Seems i have a couple of options

1> Puts socks on em
2> Replace them with aftermarket
3> Lower the fluid level to the "min" mark

According to other forums these are the "solutions"

Im leaning to #2, as the plastic buckets look like crap anyway. I put Rizoma's on my 1098 which looked nice.

Here's the question or rather the ask.

I'd like to have the replacements mounted exactly where the stock ones go, and im wondering for those of you who have done this already if you would mind sharing some pictures of what you did and what products you used. I've look at the Ducati Performance ones which look nice, also Rizoma, but i'd have to buy the adaptors to get it mounted an looking nice.

Hopefully you can share what you have done.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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