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Hi Folks

I have a busted Clutch slave cylinder on my 2011 muttley and i got a 2013 replacement off flee bay but slight difference in the centre that faces the engine, old one had O-ring and new one has a black plastic anti rotation piece instead. My question, is it a straight swap or will oil from engine leak out the plastic piece (only two small o-rings on clutch push rod).

Also been fed up of the back brake and gone a different route and wondered if anyone done the same. i have fibre wrapped the line from ABS unit to caliper but also rerouted with a new line, master cylinder to ABS unit ( it goes up then under fuel tank to ABS unit) and lastly i moved the reservoir to handle bar by clutch reservoir. Its the winter TLC so time will tell if i got it sorted..



2011 Multi 1200
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